I purchased a home in rural Alaska that needed a little work, but it had areas of beautiful craftsmanship done by the original builder.  Restoring some of the original woodwork and gutting/remodeling parts of the home has been my focus the past few years.  I hope to share many of these projects on this website.

The workshop in my home is small compared to what many people think a conventional shop might look like.  Total square footage is only 110 feet, but I’ve grown to love it.  Having a small space forces me into good habits and allows faster work.  I’ve worked in large 1000 foot shops and sometimes felt I spent most of the time walking around trying to find tools.

There was survey done in Fine Woodworking not too long ago asking the square footage of your home shop.  I was surprised to read that 46% of the readers had shops in the 150 square feet and less category.  I guess I thought that was odd, most shops featured in same magazine are in the 500-1000 square foot range.  Yet that doesn’t really represent the space most people dedicate to woodworking.


Board and Batten Shop Cabinets


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